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Our bulk disposable surgicl mask is made of two layers of fiber non-woven fabric( which is used for medical and health care)  and One layer is added in the middle, and more than 99% of the filter solution spray cloth is welded by ultrasonic wave. The environmental protection type full plastic strip is used at the bridge of the nose, which is free of any metal, equipped with air permeability and comfortable. The filtration efficiency of B.F.E is up to 99%, which is especially suitable for business big needs;

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Wholesale Face Masks below:

1, KN95 Mask 5 layers Wholesale Face Mask with single packing

2,N95 Wholesale face mask for sale Particulate Respirator KN95 FFP2

3,Protective face mask 3N2810 FFP2 Mask

4,3M Mask N95 9502V Mask Head Loop

5,KN95/N95 Respirator Mask with Ce&FDA Certificate

6,Safety Protective Face High Transparency Face Shield

7,Bulk Surgical Masks Nonwoven 3 ply Disposable Medical Face Mask


 KN95 Mask is the GB2626-2006 standard of respiratory protective products published by General Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection Quarantine and Standardization Administration of China. Protection Level: kN95=N95=FFP2


Except  Bulk Surgical Masks, We still offer bulk reusable masks, then what’s the difference between kn95 Mask, n95 Mask, and ffp2 Mask

Before we buy face masks in bulk, we need to know more about them

The previous letters refer to mask standards. The N series of masks are American standards, the kn series are Chinese standards, the FFP series are European standards, and the KF series are Korean standards.

The following numbers refer to the protection ability, and the higher the protection level is. The diameter of water molecules in the presence of gas is about 0.4nm, and the overall particle diameter of coronavirus is about 60-400nm. The mask can not pass through the larger particles, so it can block the virus. 95 means that the effective rate of filtration of such particles reaches 95%. Series 90 is not as high as 95, but it can also resist more than 90% of particles. In FFP series, 2 basically corresponds to 95, and 3 has a higher efficiency of filtering, up to 99%.

wholesale masks

It is easier to understand the filtering ability by the following relationship: ffp3 > FFP2 = N95 = kn95 = kf94 > Kn90. In addition, the number with a V at the end indicates that there is a breathing valve.

To fight against viruses and flu, the N95/kn95/ffp2 series is enough. Medical N95/kn95/ffp2 masks need to prevent high-pressure liquid splashing, so they have higher standards than ordinary N95.

The model and executive standard of the mask are printed on the left side of the mask. Those with the following executive standards are all qualified masks. You can choose according to this.

·N95 is produced according to American Standard noish;

·FFP2 is European standard en149;

·Kn95 is the Chinese standard, the Chinese standard for ordinary kn95 masks is GB2626-2006, and the standard for medical kn95 masks is GB19083-2010.

In addition, the common standard of medical surgical masks is yy0469-2010 or yy0469-2011, which is printed on the independent outer package of each mask.

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Once we got bulk masks surgical medical on hand, we need to know more about how to use them,

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