N95 Medical Mask-N95 Respirators Masks in Bulk

What is the Difference between ordinary N95 mask and medical N95 mask

What is N95 Mask?

N95 respirator mask is one of nine kinds of particle respirators certified by NIOSH (National Institute for occupational safety and health). N95 is not a specific product name. As long as the product meets the N95 standard and passes the NIOSH review, it can be called N95 respirator. The filtration efficiency of particles with aerodynamic diameter of 0.075 μ m ± 0.020 μ M can reach more than 95%.

The Only Difference for N95 Medical Mask and N95 Dust Mask is the Using Occasion

n95 medical mask

There is no difference in the degree of protection between the two. Medical n95 respirator mask should be the first choice for medical workers, and the ordinary absorbent gauze mask should be the first choice for ordinary citizens in daily life. In special occasions, such as seeing a doctor or visiting a patient, it is better for ordinary citizens to use medical masks.

3m 1860 n95 medical maskWhen choosing n95 dust mask, it depends on whether there is a trade name on the package, whether there is manufacturer’s or supplier’s information, whether there is a mask certificate or instructions. Disposable masks should also have one-time identification, and for reusable medical protective masks n95, the sterilization method should also be indicated.

Generally speaking, the ordinary n95 dust mask should indicate whether it is ordinary grade or disinfection grade. The materials used for the mask shall be free of peculiar smell and harmless to human body, especially the materials for the part of human face contact, which shall be free of irritation and allergy.


Other Kinds of Face Masks below:

1, KN95 Mask 5 layers Wholesale Face Mask with single packing

2,N95 Wholesale face mask for sale Particulate Respirator KN95 FFP2

3,Protective face mask 3N2810 FFP2 Mask

4,3M Mask N95 9502V Mask Head Loop

5,KN95/N95 Respirator Mask with Ce&FDA Certificate

6,Safety Protective Face High Transparency Face Shield


 KN95 Mask is the GB2626-2006 standard of respiratory protective products published by General Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection Quarantine and Standardization Administration of China. Protection Level: kN95=N95=FFP2

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