What Face Mask Should I Buy For Covid-19

What Face Mask Should I Buy For Covid-19, fistly we need to know if it is really necessary and important to wear a mask

Why Face Mask is Important?

What Face Mask Should I Buy For Covid-19

The background of wearing masks as an obstacle against condition returns to the 1918-1919 flu pandemic as well as break outs in Japan from the 1930s. Sales spiked once again in the middle of the twentieth century as well as in 2003, even more countries took on the practice as Sars, and swine flu numerous years later on, made it much more taboo to not be putting on a face mask than putting on one.

An expanding body of research study indicates that using masks– even if they’re not very closely fitted or medical grade– can slow the spread of viral lots by as much as 80 per cent.

Currently, masks are ending up being compulsory worldwide as one of the actions to slow the transmission of coronavirus. are face mask effective? Is it a fashion accessory? As well as currently mainstream brands are making masks, which face mask is best?

What Face Mask forĀ  Cronavirus

Which Face Mask Should I Buy For Covid-19? it is necessary for medical personnel with high exposure risk to buy medical protective masks or N95 protective masks for covid. The medical staff working in the general outpatient and ward of the hospital are generally only recommended to wear medical surgical masks. The general public is neither necessary nor encouraged to use N95 masks.

Q:I am not a health care worker, but how face mask should be worn in a confined or crowded workplace?

A: if you are a worker in a hospital, airport, railway station, subway, ground bus, plane, train, supermarket, restaurant and other relatively closed and crowded places, or an employee of administrative management, police, security, express delivery related to the epidemic situation, and you are a person with medium exposure risk, it is recommended to wear medical surgical masks in the workplace. I should buy surgical face mask for covid in this case.

Q:I am neither a medical worker nor a production and living place. for covid which face mask should I buy?

A: if you are in a crowded area such as supermarkets, shopping malls, transportation vehicles, elevators, etc., or in the environment of ordinary indoor office, factory workshop, etc., or the patients in the medical institutions (except for the hot diagnosis), or the students who are studying and doing activities intensively, generally belong to the personnel with low exposure risk. It is recommended to wear disposable medical masks, and children can choose the performance Quite a mask.

what face mask do i need? What occasions can you not wear a mask?What Face Mask Should I Buy For Covid-19

A: if you are healthy, and you are at home, in a place with good ventilation or low personnel density, you are generally a low exposure risk person, and you may not wear a mask. For example, there are no suspected patients, close contacts or family members who come back from the epidemic area; private

cars have not taken guests or suspected patients in the epidemic area; Work and work in the open air with good ventilation conditions, and keep a proper distance from the adjacent personnel: when visiting the park, there are no tourists gathering, and there are conditions to keep a proper distance from the surrounding people; disinfection, temperature measurement and ventilation measures are strictly adopted in the office, and there are no suspected and close contacts among colleagues. In these cases, masks are not required.

What kind of masks should be worn for children?

A: children should choose products that meet national standards and label children or teenagers’ particulate matter protective masks. Before wearing masks, children should carefully read and correctly underst

and the instructions with the help of their parents, so as to master the correct use methods. Parents should pay attention to the wearing situation of children’s masks at any time. If children feel uncomfortable during wearing masks, they should adjust or stop using them in time. It is not recommended that children wear adult masks that meet the requirements of tightness due to the small size of children’s faces and the edge of adult masks.

why face mask don’t work? What should I pay attention to when I wear a mask?

A: choose the right size mask. Wash hands before wearing masks. When wearing, make the mask close to the face, and press the aluminum pieces on both sides of the nose with the fingers of the left and right hands to reduce the air leakage around. The nose clip of the medical surgical mask is above, and it should be pressed tightly when using. Avoid touching the mask after wearing it. If it is necessary to touch the mask, wash hands before and after touching. When removing the mask, try to avoid touching the outside of the mask and wash hands immediately.

Can the mask be reused?

A: in addition to those with high or high risk of exposure, masks worn by healthy people can be used repeatedly, including appropriately extending the use time and times of masks. If the mask needs to be used again, it can be hung in a clean, dry and ventilated place, or placed in a clean, breathable paper bag. Masks should be stored separately to avoid contact with each other, and the mask users should be identified.

Under what circumstances should masks be replaced?

A: it is generally replaced when the mask is deformed, wet or dirty, resulting in reduced protective performance.

How to discard the mask after use?

A: if you are a healthy person, the masks you have worn can be disposed of according to the requirements of household garbage classification. If you are a suspected case or have been diagnosed, the mask should not be discarded at will. It should be treated as medical waste and treated in strict accordance with the relevant process of medical waste.

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